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From Isaro
Mozsár utca, da 74.000 euro
In the heart of the city, in the zone of the Theaters to few meters from the famous Avenue Andrassies are on sale 8 apartments of new construction and high-level, in the picture of a project that foresees the general renewal of an eclectic building of residences to three floors, projected in 1882 from Lajos Jamnitzky. This project not only involves the construction of the garret of the building, but also the realization of a building of residences modernized, with technology suitable to today's demands, also maintaining the original aspect or an aspect very similar to that original. The renewal of the building involves the renewal of the whole inside and external façade. The restauration of the plasters will be realized in chalk, the inside courtyard, the renewal of the staircases and the corridors, included their illumination. A modern elevator will be installed for 6 people, and also a lamp for façade to the outside of the building.
During the execution of the jobs, materials and elements of high-level will be used. The apartments will be realized in professional way, using the most modern materials keeping in mind of the single demands of the future buyers.
To application the inside walls can be modified. and in the initial period of the construction, eventually also the walls external, that separate the apartments. As many, the designs of the insides will be realized keeping in mind of the demands of the future buyers. Our purpose is to build in the heart of the Broadway of Pest 8 apartments of high-level, accordingly realized to the single demands. The jobs will be finished within the summer 2011. Greatness from 44 to 163 mqs. Prices beginning from 74.000 up to 287.000 Euro

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