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Kridera Agency Bulgaria
Kristina Nenkova

First, we would like to thank you for use your time to inform our readers about the useful real estate market information in your country.
Tout d'abord, nous voudrions vous remercier pour votre temps et vos informations pour nos lecteurs à propos du marché immobilier en Bulgarie.

1 Can you please inform our readers about your property target and market in your country ?
I would like to present to your attention our real estate agency Kridera.  We are a family company situated in Bulgaria, born in 1993. We are offering a different types of properties from vacation to business  estates.

2 What do you think about the worldwide real estate market at this time ?
As we can see in the European Capital the price of the property are usually expensive.
From 10 000 €.
It's not the same in B ulgaria, In Sofia it start from 700 € and on the black sea cost from 500 € in a residential building, and from 800 in a 5 star complex.
3 In your opinion Realtors have changed attitude in this last 5 years?
In Bulgaria, the real estate agencies today work a lot with foreign buyers and with internet tools.
The Bulgarian agents propose a lot of services, like bank account opening, lawyers introduction...
4 How the foreign buyer's move in your country and who they are ?
Till now, we usually working with Russian customers, The Situation change in this last years and from one year, we starting to develop business relationships with European partners and clients. Especially in Italy, France, United Kingdom.
5 What is the interest of a foreign property buyer to invest in a property in your country today ?
First, we have to consider that the price of the properties are still cheap, and give the possibility of a future profit. But you have to know, that its not only for this foreign buyers have to come, the price life, the economy, the weather, the tax are a lot of more reason of a suitable life.
Black sea is a wonderful holiday place, calm, and so touristic in high season.
6 What are the financial advantage to invest in your country ?
Cheap prices, Cheap taxes, and profitable income.

7 How the property price have changed in this last year's in your country ?
In this last 5 years the prices shut down arround 45%
8 What the foreign buyer's must do when invest in your country  to be quiet ?
It will be safe to contact a real estate agent, because the law are different and he will inform and advice you.
But you know, to open a bank account it's very easy, and the final contracts are all the time writed by notarious.
9 What support the realtors can provide to foreign investors ?
Introduce to suitable developers, architect, lawyer, bank,
10 The law in your country give tax advantages for the foreign buyer's ?
Not really, the same for everyone.
11 Where is the best city to live in your country ?
It depends if the clients are retired people, investors or student…
But Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Ruse and Plovdiv are nice for businees investors and for retired people, but for this last one, Sunny Beach offer a more comfortable life.
12 How much cost the final contract to the notaries ?
Transfer taxes are from 0.1 up to 3. It depends of the price of the property and the location.
13 What the buyer have to pay to the government if he resell a property ?
On the profit, the taxes are 10 percent.
14 How much income and how much tax when a foreign buy and rent a property in your country ?
The income depends if the property is rented through a management company or not. Usually around 10 percent but the taxes on this income are 10 percent

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