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About Realty Gold World

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About Realty Gold World

Click to zoom the imageRealty Gold World Our company is not a real estate agency, we born in 2010 in London after we have noticed that many foreign buyer's meet problems when make overseas properties purchase, our goal help them providing support services. To find this buyer's, we have a website where we propose to real estate professionals to post ads, because in the same time the buyer's send request about the property, this give us the possibility to propose our support service. For this reason publication price are very low. In the same idea, this year we have developed a new magazine : world is magnifique downloadable on internet for free by the readers, and we organize an international real estate exhibition in Geneva (international market place) to offer the possibility to the exhibitors to sign business relationship with other professionnals from worldwide and share together properties and buyer's. We thank you for your interest in our company and if you need more details, please send your request by mailto contact@realtygoldworld.net or visit our website www.realtygoldworld.net

The Group

worldwide properties, biens immobilier, immobili nel mondoIn 2010 Realty Gold World Ltd Born in London, after that the founders imagine several services to help the Customer who look for property's overseas. If the realtors provide property's, all can't offer support services for your visa, health care insurance, travel, hosting, interpreter, or driver during stay.
Company was created for provide high quality support, and business relationship with prestigious partner. We also provide law advise and funds transfer help.


One Goal ! Satisfy you. Our team must work for your safety, for your investment, and for your dream.
You are our priority.
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  • You sell your property ? We Post your real estate advertisement on our sites and Web portals.

  • You are Developer, we can propose an international marketing agreement, post your ads and put your newly built development in an international network of real estate agencies to propose foreign buyer your properties.

Marketing agreement developer


You are buyer looking for overseas properties ?
  • Benefit from our real estate experience to visit and acquire real estate abroad !
  • Travel, hosting, properties view, advise, agreement help, funds transfer, tax representative.
Realty Gold World Ltd guarantees to do its best to  satisfy its customers and to offer a speedy service to them.
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Our Partner and Sellers 

Real estate in the world

Europe : Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Worldwide : Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Mauritius, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, USA,
Ukraine, Dominican Republic

The members and representatives who make up our team at Realty Gold World Ltd
are chosen in accordance with their professional experience in conjunction with their
excellent track record.
Worldwide Partner


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Real Estate Exhibition


President word !

Realty Gold World is the most innovative company in the field of the multi-activities services.

Realty Gold World post ads, but not only. We also provide support for the customer interested in the real estate overseas.

Recognizing the need to be as effective as possible for your service, we also have special marketing agreements with worldwide developer's and real estate franchise partner's.

Other hand, after finding that a number of persons outside the Community to the European Union acquiring real estate in Europe, it became obvious to Realty Gold World to develop a set of services providing guarantees on implementation, support their investment project and the monitoring of their property at the administrative level thereafter.
All our support services are protected by copyright, but you can resell this services with interest for you and your buyer's.

So, we support you for your trip, your stay and visit properties with leading real estate agencies in different countries.
The final choice is yours, but of course all the advice, you may need, help you in your decision.

For your efforts to purchase, we will implement the necessary administrative support.
It is with pleasure that our teams are at your disposal, do not hesitate to consult them !

We are not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of listings that are published on this site by advertisers.
Indeed, the ads are provided by third parties who are solely responsible for content owners and their publications.
For the sake of professionalism, however, we respect the rules of the Directorate General for Consumer, Competition and Fraud.

Realty Gold World : An independent group ! In search of partners.

Realty Gold World Ltd Copyright © 2010.  All Rights Reserved 

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