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Magazine World Is Magnifique

Magazine World Is magnifique April 2014.

world is magnifique magazine
The real estate remains a safe value !
As we are an European, American, Russian or Asian investor, either countries of the gulf, the motivations of each can be very different.
The difficulties met by the banking bodies these last years sowed doubt in mind of the investors.
Although some banks make a profit in 2013, the decisions of certain managements of banks do not really give trust.
The dismissals of staff continue, personal data of customers are sometimes sold or still increase of the expenses of banks and taxes by certain states are so many reasons with push the investors towards other products types.

In this context, towards what product to invest?
The real estate remains a sure value in spite of the crisis.
The world population growth as well the increase of the personal freedoms through the countries of the planet, to travel, or invest overseas contribute to maintain a globally strong request of housing.
But everybody don't have the same goal.
Which type of investment, and in which country, according to the sought objective.
Objective second residence, Objective exiled housing, objective investment with annual income and law taxes, objective transaction purchase and resale with profits, objective prestigious and luxury home, the request of the investors are numerous but the projects on the market answer these demand ?
Anyway, The States and your bank can't take your money when you convert it in stone. But purchase in full property.
One day your home cost more than you pay it.

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