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Vitrine Media

Click to zoom the imageVitrineMedia is the pioneer company that introduced the illuminated LED display units in Europe.  For 7 years now, we have been helping shops equip their window-fronts. More than 7,000 already trusted us with maximising  their customer flow!
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Italy for you

Publié tous les deux mois. C'est le seul magazine trilingue d'annonces immobilières aussi bien résidentiels que commerciales, de la Ligurie à la Toscane, et qui a l'ambition de devenir un point de référence pour les professionnels du secteur immobilier.
Comme pour les investisseurs étrangers qui désirent connaître et apprécier toutes les caractéristiques que notre territoire peut offrir : du climat à la gastronomie, de l'Histoire à la Culture, du bien-être au “savoir vivre” italien, de la vie privée à la mode de notre temps, ou qui voudraient en faire partie en s'intégrant dans une nouvelle expérience commerciale ou professionnelle. 
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Taxe Representative

When you sell a property in France, if you are not resident (your revenues are not declared in France) you have to make a capital gains tax declaration.
Since January 1st, 2003 a new device concerning the tax representations on the real estate gains of the not residents in France was set up by the French tax authorities.
Indeed in application of the article 244 bis A of the general code of the taxes, the individual and moral persons not taken up residence in France are indebted of a taking of 33% on the real estate gains realized in France.
Since March 1st, 2004 you are obliged to use an authorized tax intermediary except in the following cases : The sale price of the property is less than or equal 150 000 € by seller or you have owned the property for more than 15 years.
Moral persons systematically have to accredit a Tax representative.
The legal responsability of a tax intermediary :
  • The tax intermediary guarantees the payment of the capital gains tax to the Tax Authorities,
  • The exactitude of the tax declaration
In case of a claim by the Tax Authorities, the tax intermediary assumes the responsabilities and the cost of any adjustments or penalties without limitation.
If you are foreign (your revenues are not declared in France) seller in France, please contact us, we can introduce you to a famous Tax intermediary, for more than 10 years our partner, as part of its role as a banking institution, has been authorized by the French Tax Authorities as a tax intermediary for both non resident private individuals and limited companies.


Money Corp, Money transfer,    
  • Whether you want to make international currency transfers or you need travel money for your next trip overseas, we'll save you time and help you make the most of your funds.
  • Whether you need cost-effective solutions to your FX and international payment requirements, or you are looking to implement successful hedging and treasury strategies, we can help.

Moneycorp GPS is the secure, convenient and cost-effective way to make your international payments and currency purchases online. It is designed to complement our telephone dealing service, making the process simpler and saving you time. Some of the many benefits include discounted transfer fees, live foreign exchange rates and live payment tracking.

With Moneycorp, you'll get the best exchange rates available. For fast, secure and cost-effective international money transfers, click below to find out more
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