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There are various ways we can assist you in your search to find a suitable property whether in Albania
1. We can apply on your behalf for a visa to enable you to travel
2. We can introduce you to suitable estate agents and accompany you to view the properties
3. We can arrange for your accommodation during your stay and for transport e.g car hire
4. Provide you with an interpreter should you need one
5. Advise you as to the legal formalities in relation to the sale and purchase.
6. Help you for your funds transfer to the solicitor.
7 - We can assist you for the co-owner meeting, pay for you the tax and the bills
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Builder Albania : N.C.E sh.p.k. registered as a legal person with the decision of the Tirana District Court No. 20186, 28.10.1998, and 20186/1's. 31.10.2002 based in Tirana, on "Fadil Rada", Tax Code no. 3707734, NIPT J82229001T-I, represented by its /Director Mr. Lulezim KAZANI
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